A downloadable endless sky castle for Windows

Did you ever want to play the original Klik & Play example game "Romeo" forever? No? Well, now you can! Enjoy endless generated levels of breezy platforming and more pies than you could ever eat!


  • You're Romeo
  • The Pie Devil, but floating on a cloud
  • Special guests from various Klik & Play and The Games Factory example games
  • Reticulating splines
  • Four different jump keys (they all do the same thing, this isn't a SNES game)
  • Local and online high scores
  • Closer to the original Shakespearean source material (but that's not saying much)
    • Still not period accurate though, unless laser guns existed back then
  • Roughly 75% of a game according to thecatamites' famously indisputable Four Indivisible Game Elements:
    • Score thing
    • Magic door
    • Keys (but not red)
    • No skeletons

Arrow keys to move, Shift/Control/Space/Z to jump (but why use Z? I mean come on)

Based on the original Klik & Play example game "Romeo" by Barney Skirvin and Richard Gale

Additional graphics from games by Richard Gale, Richard Vanner, Lee Bamber, and Nolan Worthington

Made for The Daily Click's October 2022 Hi-Score Mash-up

Windows only but *should* work in Wine.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagsHigh Score, Procedural Generation
Average sessionA few minutes


Infinite Romeo 1.0.3 5 MB

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I had fun playing this :)


I've never used Klik & Play so I never played þe original, but it looks pretty good to me!